1. He was too busy texting to notice.

  2. The family will also be inundated with anchors. Especially if they’ve served in the navy.

  3. kieljamespatrick:

    Navigating the American Dream. Happy Fourth Americans. (at Edgartown Harbor Light)

    (via katierossward)

  4. Found before formal

  5. Anchors in the polka-dot tradition

  6. Powell’s know what’s up.

  7. Of course one of the Northpark playhouses would be nautically themed

  8. Fierce competition ensues when both sexes wear anchors on their shorts. Who wore it preppier?

  9. Musicians love anchors too.

  10. It may be in a desert, but Santa Fe is still home to a few anchors.

  11. She’s wearing them so stylishly! Always match orange with orange? #redblue&W @ the SMU block party

  12. They protect us. Even the most sensitive.

  13. What’s more awkward than the awkward gamma? This leg.

  14. Panhellenic love in Greece! Getting back to our roots.

    Panathinaiko Stadium. 

  15. Sweet Merebear. Thanks a million!